Complete Plant Health

For 30 years Bio-Gro Inc. has worked to improve crop production. We take a three step approach: 

Step 1: Grow Roots

Root Health and Protection

Roots are the digestive system of plants; therefore the greater the area of root surface, the greater the nutrient uptake potential.

Bio-Gro’s Complete Fertility Solution focuses on increasing the root to soil contact zone, with more roots and increased VAM, which equates to improved nutrient uptake.

Plant physiology dictates windows of nutrient uptake, healthy root masses ensure your plant can access more nutrients, when it's needed and this equates to greater yield potential, both in quality and in yield.

Plant-X Bio-Net & Bio-SBN and our humic based products such as Premium 21 are our flagship products for increased root growth to learn more about our plant extract line and humic based products here.

Root Protecting Biology and Chemistry

Our products contain nutrients and substances that stimulate both VAM (vesicular arbuscular mycorrhiza) and beneficial bacterial that colonize the rhizosphere. Together, these processes both act respectively to increase nutrient uptake and protect new root growth.

Step 2: Pump Nutrients

Promote Nutrient Availability

Bio-Gro provides value-added technology to your existing fertility program. Through informed field understanding and diagnostic services, we provide informed, expert advice then paired with our unique product technology which allows for uniquely customized products to meet your field’s needs and your budget.

Our humic based products promote nutrient availability and are uniquely compatible with your existing fertilizer program. By increasing opportunity for microbial transfer of nutrient uptake, not only do humic products provide a home for positive microbial activity and healthier soils, it acts as a tool in nutrient uptake.

Timing and rate of application is critical to the consistency and potential of your nutrient uptake results. Enhance the value of your crop, and strengthen your investment, by improving your nutrient uptake abilities.

Enhances Fertilizers & Crop Chemicals

Fertilizer input costs are high. Bio-Gro products increase the efficiency of applied fertilizer, maximizing your fertility investment.

Bio-Gro’s flagship product Premium 6, is even compatible with calcium – a nutrient important for growth, yield and natural disease resistance – and trials have shown increased levels of calcium in sap tests equating to improved tons per acre yields. Potassium - essential to size, yield, sugar, color, all attributes that make a profitable, quality crop – has also been proven have greater uptake efficiency when used with Premium 6.

Bio-Gro: Products that pump nutrients

Step 3: Drive Photosynthesis

Healthy Crops Build Healthy Soils

In agriculture, we often see plants as a one-way street moving nutrients from the soil, through the roots, up - but crop growth is all about the conversion of the sun’s light into sugar, the building blocks of energy for your crop.

Healthy plants build healthy soils. Trees excrete organic acids, produced through photosynthesis, to increase nutrient availability within the immediate root zone. Increasing photosynthesis potential, improves fertility function.

Cal-8 and Cal-Patible

Bio-Gro’s flagship product Cal-8 provides non-nitrogen, non-chloride source of foliar calcium with 35% organic acids and is uniquely compatible, making it an effective carrier of micronutrients.

Try it with Bio-Gro’s Cal-Patible Nutrient line for a custom foliar blend.

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Our compatible products provide a complete blend that is safe to apply. This compatibility equates to logistic saving and unbeatable value.

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Harvest Success

Harvest Success means consistent high quality and profitable yields in spite of weather conditions and environmental stress year after year.

Bio-Gro manufactures over 130 product formulations

Bio-Gro, Inc. manufactures over 130 individual product formulations, and provides customers the ability to design unique custom blends, based on specific soil needs.

Our core business is humic acid and biofertilizer production. However, it takes a complete fertility approach to produce consistent results.

Our specialty is the development of precision fertilizer and production systems that give our customers the highest yields and quality.

Working in conventional, organic, biological and non-fumigation fields our goal is simple: To help farmers reach their highest quality yield per acre of soil and per acre foot of water.