Strawberry NO FUME Program

Bio-Gro's Non Fume program differs for every grower and soil type as there is no "cookie cutter" method to optimum soil nutrition. We begin with a study of the field history, then determine how best to grow more root surface area, apply high grade humic acid and feed the root zone of the plants to produce better results. We replace chemicals with proprietary bio-substances.

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Constant monitoring & in-field presence

Throughout the growing season, we are constantly monitoring the field, as well as monitoring lysimeters in the field. Our "in-field presence" is valuable to growers because often times we spot issues that the grower might miss.


Traditional Fumigation vs. Our Program

We calculated the weight of material going into an acre of strawberries and found that 400 gallons of our material represents exactly 315 pounds of "life" growing materials going into the ground. On the other hand, 30 gallons of inline fumigation typically delivers exactly 315 pounds of "death" for diseases.


Under best management practices, Bio-Gro's Non Fume Fields have out-performed the fumigation beds in yield and quality.

Better for soil

Soil structure building

Better for growers

Improved safety

Better for yield

Higher quality berries

Better for scheduling

No need to plan fumigation

Better for the industry

Tough regulations

Better for environment

Reduced chemical use

Better for marketing

Reduced chemical berries

More convenient, more accurate, less labor.

Bio-Gro will deliver the program pre-blended in bulk or a tote for your convenience. No more washing and disposing of jugs.