With the influx of sweet cherry production over the last decade or so, Bio-Gro has made it a goal to develop products and programs to satisfy the needs of all phases in delivering the finest quality cherry the market can offer. These phases go from the farm, to the packing house/marketing, to the grocery store, and finally to the consumer.

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Bio-Gro's Non Fume program differs for every grower and soil type as there is no "cookie cutter" method to optimum soil nutrition. We begin with a study of the field history, then determine how best to grow more root surface area, apply high grade humic acid and feed the root zone of the plants to produce better results. We replace chemicals with proprietary bio-substances.

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Get the most out of your starter and bio-fertilizer package -- put it where the plant really needs it for early root growth and development. In-furrow applications deliver the full concentration of active ingredients when and where it is most effective, aiding growth equal to broadcast applications at much higher rates.

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