Improve Field Efficiency


Save Time

Our products are manufactured to allow for blends that are delivered ready to apply.

This benefits your crews with reduced application time by reducing the number of passes needed. How much time can you save? More than you might think.

Accurate Mix

We do the work for your team and deliver a simple ready-to-use application.

By delivering the exact blend for your application you reduce the need for in-field measurements and application rate calculations.

Reduce Inventory

No washing and disposing of jugs.

Simple but effective, we reduce the number and quantity of chemicals and additives needed to have on hand. This saves storage needs and allows better organization and reduce costs.

Your partner in the field

Working in conventional, organic, biological, and non-fumigation fields our goal is simple: To help farmers reach their highest quality yield per acre of soil and per acre foot of water.

Bio-Gro manufactures over 130 product formulations

Bio-Gro, Inc. manufactures over 130 individual product formulations, and provides customers the ability to design unique custom blends, based on specific soil needs.

Our core business is humic acid and biofertilizer production. However, it takes a complete fertility approach to produce consistent results.

Our specialty is the development of precision fertilizer and production systems that give our customers the highest yields and quality.