BioGro is Moving California Operations to Tulare!

After 25 years of dedicated service to California agriculture, Tulare Ag Products (TAP) is closing their operations. As of March 1st, BioGro has acquired Tulare Ag’s primary facility and the rights to their product labels.

Over the past 15 years, BioGro has been a dedicated supplier to Tulare Ag, developing and manufacturing many of the quality crop fertility products that California growers have come to rely on. We are grateful for the opportunity to continue offering these products under the BioGro name, through our growing network of retail partners in California.

Our team is working diligently to ensure a smooth transition and we are confident that there will be no disruptions in service or supply chains. We are committed to open communication and transparency, and we look forward to continuing to provide Central Valley and Coastal growers with exceptional products and service.

For information, including where to access BioGro (and former Tulare Ag / Source to Source) products, please contact the Bio Gro team:

Tulare Main Office: (559) 686 5115
Email Orders:
Desiree, CA Sales Coordinator: (559) 358 1395
Tessa, CA Sales Coordinator: (559) 471 9911

For markets outside of California, BioGro will continue to service our valued clients from our hubs in Washington, Wisconsin and Florida.

Same Great Products & Service, Without Interruption


Bio-Gro, Inc. manufactures over 130 individual product formulations, and provides customers the
ability to design unique custom blends, based on specific soil needs. Our core business is humic
acid and biofertilizer production. However, it takes a complete fertility approach to produce
consistent results. Our specialty is the development of precision fertilizer and production systems
that give our customers the highest yields and quality.

Caitlin Aleman, Vice President

(509) 840 0185

Ryan Young, Sales Manager

(403) 850 6572

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