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Calcium Uptake Technology

Premium 6 humic acid promotes nutrient uptake and is an excellent tool in any calcium nutrition program. Calcium is important for growth, yield and natural disease resistance.

Premium 6 is compatible with liquid calcium fertilizers, and is a valuable tool in plant calcium management. Bio-Gro, Inc. is constantly searching for new methods of analyzing and tracking plant nutrient status, for example, measuring the amount of soluble calcium in the sap of a plant.

Trials strongly suggest an application of Premium 6 late in the growing season initiates a rooting response in some plants and not in others. As we evaluate ways to measure this effect, we tracked the effect of Premium 6 on the nutrient levels in the sap after an application. The following table demonstrates the effect of 3 gallons per acre of Premium 6 applied with 3 gallons per acre of 8% calcium on the levels of nutrients in the sap and in the new leaf growth in parts per million.

This effect has been tracked on other crops. We tracked leaf calcium on tomatoes in a study done near Shafter, California and found a significant increase in early leaf calcium, as well as an increase in yield (measured with a yield monitor).


Premium 6 applied through the drip lines in a field of watermelons near Yuma, AZ. The sap reading was taken 10 days after application. Leaf tests are from a new leaf 20 days after application.