Grow Roots

Step 1 in BioGro’s

Complete Fertility System


Roots are the digestive system of plants. The more root surface there is, the more nutrients the plant can take up. This translates to more yield potential.


Roots are all about surface area. For example, phosphorus is an important nutrient, but it is very immobile in soils. The Bio-Gro system has shown to significantly increase the root to soil contact (more roots, more fine root hairs), which in turn, increases the uptake of phosphate!


BioGro Root Results


Bio-Gro’s Program is a hightech, scientifically sound approach to maximum root growth potential.


Early application of root growth aiding products

BioGro’s System contains many root growth aiding ‘bio-factors’ like amino acids, vitamins, complex sugars and other bio-chemicals that aid in root growth.  Our fertility program stimulates the development of PGPR (Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria). These bacteria grow on and around the root hairs and convert the ‘bio-factors’ and the root exudes into plant growth aiding compounds like the conversion of amino acid tryptophan into auxin.

Result – both root structure AND fine root hair growth are accomplished


Early application of root protecting biology and chemistry

It is important to grow physical root hair, but it is also important to ‘protect’ root growth.  This is done by the stimulation of root growth promoting bacteria that take up space and don’t allow disease causing organisms to attack.  Also important are microbes that produce natural antibodies that fight disease (disease suppressing microorganisms AND disease suppressing nutrients – Ca, B & Si).  Furthermore, microbe/root associations like vescular arbuscular mycorrizhia or “VAM”,  are fungi that produce antibodies to suppress and kill disease causing organisms. We can supply chemistry that helps stimulate natural disease resistance – stimulates the suberization, and help with maturing of roots, so that disease causing organisms cannot penetrate the root hairs and get food to survive.

3. Stimulate  VAM

Application of VAM and VAM stimulating compounds

The key point to make is that VAM can be grown and supported by the plant for about 30% of the energy that it takes to grow a physical root hair.  It is not only about surface area – for example, VAM can penetrate tiny pores in the soil that the physical root hair cannot and get nutrients and water!  VAM produces antibodies as described earlier. VAM does all the work – we just help stimulate, and add more VAM.


Additional root growth promotion by addition of adequate calcium & uptake enhancement

This is another BioGro ‘first’ concept.  Auxins aid in root growth, which is a known fact.  However, most of the auxin is produced on the top of the plant (new leaf growth), so how is auxin moved down?  By the addition of calcium and Premium Humic Acid, in season.  Humic acid increases calcium uptake, calcium moves UP in the plant and auxin moves down – this auxin ‘draws’ the energy to aid in root growth.  You need the energy (sugars made by photosynthesis – Step 3 in BioGro’s System) to give the chemistry and SUGAR for the plants to make roots from, but you also need the signal to send the chemistry to the roots, which is the movement of Auxin.  Bio-Gro is likely the only company that utilizes this type of technology to aid IN-SEASON root growth.  This is a step above and beyond numbers 1 & 2, because now instead of only aiding early root growth, we also maintain the aid in root growth during growing season! For more information on uptake enhancement, see our brochure for “Step 2 – Pump Nutrients”.


Providing root growth chemistry

In order to get roots and VAM to grow, you need energy (sugar).  So we are always working on stimulating the production of more energy – photosynthesis to provide the ‘raw material’ (sugar) to grow the roots. For more on enhancing photosynthesis, please see our brochure on “Step 3 – Driving Photosynthesis”.