We are currently updating all our labels and new SDS. Please check with your Bio-Gro agronomist if there are any questions.
NOTE: Not all organic input products are registered for sales in all U.S. states. Please contact your Bio-Gro, Inc. representative to find out the registration status of the products for your state.


Product Label SDS
CHB Activate » ORGANIC
CHB Premium 6 » ORGANIC
CHB Amino 21 » ORGANIC
Humitech™ Six Plus
Humitech™ 21
Plant-X Bio-SB
Plant-X Bio-N » ORGANIC
Plant-X Bio-SBN
Plant-X Rhizo-Feed
Product Label SDS
NUE Cal-8
NUE Flourish 4-12-0
NUE Flourish 4-16-0