CHB Premium 6

CHB Premium 6


P6-ToteWhen used at labeled rates, CHB Premium 6 increases a crop’s ability to take up nutrients. Premium 6 is the only humic product that can be successfully blended with gypsum and micronutrients. Premium 6 is particularly suited to improve a plant’s ability to take up potassium and calcium and has been proven to tie up sodium in soils improving yields in fields that have an overabundance of salts.

Premium 6 humic acid is labeled for use on all food and fiber crops. Soluble in both alkaline and acid systems, Premium 6 helps dissolve soil minerals, particularly micronutrients and phosphorus. Premium 6 is compatible with most pesticides and defoliants, except selective herbicides (Contact your BioGro agronomist for details).

Premium 6 is also compatible with most liquid fertilizers, including ATS, KTS, calcium, micronutrients, 10-34-0 and acidbased fertilizers. CHB Premium 6 can be impregnated onto dry fertilizer, applied through drip irrigation, broadcast, side dress, banded, foliar and fertigation.

Standard Application Instructions

CHB Premium 6 can be soil applied and water run on all crops at rates of 2 to 15 gallons per acre. It is best to use CHB Premium 6 in split applications with other fertilizer and micronutrient products at 1 to 3 gallons per acre in 2 to 6 applications. When applications are sprayed or applied directly to soil without other nutrients, dilute in 3-10 gallons/acre of water prior to application.

NOTICE: Since many pesticide products can be neutralized and/or tied up by soil organic matter, it is highly recommended not to use pesticides applied directly with humic acids. Consult pesticide representative before using on a large scale.

Early Season Root Growth Strategy

Grow Roots – Use CHB Premium 6 along with Plant-X Bio-SB, CHB Premium 21 and with phosphate products such as 8-22-0, NUE PhosCal and/or NUE Flourish

Mid Season Nutrient Uptake

Pump Nutrients – Water run Premium 6 and have adequate potassium fertilizer available. (e.g. Onions take up 50% of K in two week period; potatoes take up 60% of K in 3 week period; 300 bushel corn takes up 50% of K in two week period, over 15 units per day of K-uptake)


Drive Photosynthesis – enhance photosynthesis with Vine Extender, Cal-8 and other proprietary Bio-Gro formulas. Ask us about our Custom Foliar Mixes.

  • Mixes with 10-34-0
  • Mixes with CN9, CAN17, CaTS
  • Mixes with all acid fertilizers
  • Run through drip/micro irrigation systems with acid injection
  • Increase nutrient availability, efficiency, and retention
  • Stimulate & improve soil microbiology
  • Aid root production, growth, and vitality
  • Adds concentrated organic matter to soils without the ‘bulk’ of conventional sources like compost and manure



Trial Information

Calcium Uptake Technology

Premium 6 promotes nutrient uptake and is an excellent tool in any calcium nutrition program. Calcium is important for growth, yield and natural disease resistance.

Premium 6 is compatible with liquid calcium fertilizers, and is a valuable tool in plant calcium management. Bio-Gro, Inc. is constantly searching for new methods of analyzing and tracking plant nutrient status, for example, measuring the amount of soluble calcium in the sap of a plant.

Trials strongly suggest an application of Premium 6 late in the growing season initiates a rooting response in some plants and not in others. As we evaluate ways to measure this effect, we tracked the effect of Premium 6 on the nutrient levels in the sap after an application. The following table demonstrates the effect of 3 gallons per acre of Premium 6 applied with 3 gallons per acre of 8% calcium (NUE Cal-8) on the levels of nutrients in the sap and in the new leaf growth in parts per million. See graph below.




This effect has been tracked on other crops. We tracked leaf calcium on tomatoes in a study done near Shafter, California and found a significant increase in early leaf calcium, as well as an increase in yield (measured with a yield monitor).



Premium 6 applied through the drip lines in a field of watermelons near Yuma, AZ. The sap reading was taken 10 days after application. Leaf tests are from a new leaf 20 days after application.

Potassium Uptake Technology

Fertilizer costs are high! Premium 6 increases the efficiency of applied fertilizer, reducing the amount used and reducing cost. Crops often require as much potassium (K) uptake as nitrogen. In fact, most plants have an uptake NPK ratio of 6 N to½ P to 6 K! In all vegetables and many fruits, potassium is essential to size, yield, sugar, color and all the attributes that make a profitable, quality crop. Bio-Gro, Inc. will supply you with a complete potassium strategy.

We have verified the positive effects of Premium 6 on nutrient levels. Our research shows a 18-29% increase in petiole K when Premium 6 is applied at adequate rates during the optimum window of K uptake and storage.

Premium 6 increases potassium uptake in many crops. Timing and rate ofapplication is critical to consistency and the potential of the results obtained. Consult your qualified Bio-Gro, Inc. representative today.



Plants take up large amounts of potassium in a very short period of time. The data in this chart is reported in actual units per acre of potassium in the entire plant.

In 15 days, potatoes can accumulate 300 units of K, that’s 20 units per day! Premium 6 helps increase the lbs/day of potassium uptake in this critical growth stage.



Although not as significant as K, there are also increases in levels of P, S, Ca, and Mg.

The petiole is the nutrient pipeline to the leaf. Increasing the total mineral content of the petiole allows the leaf to uptake more nutrients in a shorter period of time thus increasing yield.