CHB Plant-X 21

CHB Plant-X 21


PX21-Tote-fullPlant-X 21’s primary function is root growth stimulation.

The larger the root system, the better the potential of nutrient uptake.
Phosphates are immobile but are essential early in the growth cycle. Plant-X 21 mixes with liquid NPK and micro-nutrient fertilizers providing for ease of application. Plant-X 21 helps grow larger root systems, earlier. Plant-X 21 is an excellent choice for mixing into liquid NPK and micronutrient products.
“Bio-Factors” is a term used to describe a wide variety of biologically produced compounds that are not ‘essential’ to plant growth, but definitely stimulate plant growth. These compounds are found in a plant’s rhizosphere produced by the crop itself, by micro-organisms living there and in all types of bio-fertilizers and composts.

Permanent Crops: Apply 1-5 gallons per acre at planting and/or spring or fall root flush.

Row Crops: Use in-furrow, with seed if possible. Side dress and banding applications are also effective.

Apply CHB Plant-X 21 with 1-5 gallons per acre of Plant-X Bio-SB.

5% IHSS Humic Acidsread about humic testing here
(3% CDFA Humic Acids)

8% Other Organic Acids
10% Amino Acids

21% Organic Solids

2 lbs/gal Bio-Additives

9.24 lbs/gal
pH – 3.8 to 4.2

Aids Root Growth

Easy to Use


  • Mixes easily with fertilizers to save application time and cost
  • Maximizes efficacy of applied product without the bulk of traditional organic matter sources
  • Maximizes crop’s ability to absorb nutrients through increased root surface to soil contact