Arizona State Labels

We are currently updating all our labels and new SDS. Please check with your Bio-Gro agronomist if there are any questions.


NOTE: Not all organic input products are registered for sales in all U.S. states. Please contact your Bio-Gro, Inc. representative to find out the registration status of the products for your state.

CHB Products


CHB stands for “Custom Humic Blends”.  BioGro produces a line of humic products that is unique in the fact that we have the ability to formulate and process humic acids into more useful products then any of our competitors at a very competitive price. CHB products are also very compatible with most any fertilizer.

CHB Additives

Product Label SDS
CHB Activate » ORGANIC
CHB HumaSil
CHB Humic Fines » ORGANIC
CHB Plant-X 21
CHB Premium 6 » ORGANIC
CHB Premium 21 » ORGANIC
CHB Soil Stim 30
CHB Standard Humic 12 » ORGANIC


Product Label SDS
CHB 6-20-5 + CRJ
CHB NitroBloom

CHB Minerals

Product Label SDS
Cal-Patible Copper
Cal-Patible Iron
Cal-Patible Magnesium
Cal-Patible Manganese
Cal-Patible Zinc
CHB Magnesium 4% » ORGANIC
CHB ‘CRJ’ Zinc 6%

NUE Products


NUE stands for “Nutrient Uptake Enhancement” and this product line includes NUE Additives, NUE NPK, and NUE Minerals. NUE products are designed for foliar uptake and may be used in conjuction with other products for a complete crop fertility system.

BioGro’s NUE mineral products are mineral formulations blended with organic or amino acids. The application of amino acids allows the plant to save energy it would use to biosynthesize the required amino acids from nitrogen, carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. Applied through foliar feeding, amino acids are absorbed through the plant’s stomata or via the root area when incorporated into the soil.

NUE Additives

Product Label SDS
NUE Micro Fe


Product Label SDS
NUE 0-30-0
NUE Neutral K 25
NUE Flourish
NUE Neutral K ‘OA’
NUE P3 8-28-0
NUE Phos-Cal
NUE Special K 24

NUE Minerals

Product Label SDS
NUE Boron 4%
NUE Cal-8
NUE Cal-Hy
NUE Cal-Mag Plus
NUE Cobalt 3%
NUE Copper 5%
NUE Iron 5%
NUE Manganese 5%
NUE Micro Mix
NUE Molybdenum 3%
NUE Zinc 7%

Plant-X Products


Our Plant-X line of products (Plant Extracts) are made from live plants and specific plant parts. Results with these product lines have been impressive. Plant-X Bio-SB and Plant-X Bio-N are two plant extract lines similar to compost tea, but made not from composts or animal waste.

Product Label SDS
Plant-X Bio-N » ORGANIC
Plant-X Bio-SB
Plant-X PAN 2-0-0
CHB Plant-X 21
Plant-X Rhizo-Pro

Premium Organic Products


Our Premium Organics™ fertilizer products are specifically designed for use in organic agriculture. Bio-Gro’s Premium Organics™ product line is manufactured of the highest quality standards and are approved by CDFA.

Product Label SDS
Premium Boron 3% » ORGANIC
Premium Calcium 8% » ORGANIC
Premium K 0-0-5 » ORGANIC
Premium MicroPlus » ORGANIC
Premium Plant Tea » ORGANIC
Product Label SDS
Premium SB » ORGANIC
Premium Water Conditioner » ORGANIC
Premium WSP 3-0-0 » ORGANIC
Premium WSP 3-0-5 » ORGANIC