24 Feb 5 Tips to Drought Survival

1. Grow More Roots

In any situation, the more roots you have, the better the plant health.  More roots means the plant can forage large areas for both moisture and nutrients.  Products that contain known root growth promoting biosubstances with organic acids, along with ortho phosphate fertilizer should be used.  Be careful not to be confused by products that may have limited effects on root growth such as humic acids, vitamin B and such products.  Products that contain specific amino acids such as tryptophan, have proven to increase root growth up to 30%.

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2. Increase Mycorrhizae

Many studies have proven that plants with higher amounts of mycorrhizae have the ability to absorb and store more water.  Some studies have shown up to 15% reduction in irrigation requirements in plants with higher mycorrhizae content.

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3. Reduce Na 

Reducing sodium in the soil solution is important in many ways, healthier and increased root growth, increased ability of roots to absorb water, healthier plant means more energy.

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4. Increase Plant Water Uptake Potential

Plants that survive in high Na and Cl soils and water have increased levels of the specific anti-stress amine nitrogen compounds.  As soil solution sodium increases, the osmotic pressure on the outside of the root hair increases and even if there is water available in the soil, the plant cannot take it up.  The higher the soluble sodium level in the soil water, the higher the osmotic pressure, the poorer the water uptake. Applying specific anti-stress amine nitrogen compounds like those found in high quality seaweed products, help plants (seaweed grows in ocean water!) function in high sodium environments.

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5. Increase Photosynthesis

Plants have an amazing ability to produce and exude through the roots compounds to condition the soil in the rhizosphere as needed.  Photosynthesis provides the energy to do this.  Any increase in photosynthesis produces and increases in the plants ability to produce these compounds and condition the soil.

It is important to time applications of such strategies with peak demand periods of crops.

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